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psalm 121:1-2 - I lift up my eyes to the mountains - where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

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Serving souls that live for adventure


psalm 121:1-2 - I lift up my eyes to the mountains - where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

If there is anything that you should know about me it’s that I love adventure, I love to serve, and I love Jesus. These three things not only make up the core of who I am but also this little business of mine. 

My heart for adventure was cultivated by my incredible family and home state of Colorado. Growing up with the Rocky Mountains in my backyard instilled within me a deep awe and inspiration for the great outdoors. I am always looking for ways to spend more time in the wilderness and You can catch me outside in the sun any chance I get, which my freckled cheeks can testify to.

In 2023, my husband and I packed up everything we owned and moved into our 2003 4Runner with our Golden Retriever, Koda May, to live out our dreams of traveling full-time. We're currently making our way through all 50 states and hope to eventually take our overlanding adventures international! In between our overlanding adventures, you'll find me behind the camera documenting stunning love stories and coming alongside my clients to serve them however I can. I believe that being a photographer is so much more than just taking photos, it’s making my clients feel seen, loved, and heard.

Since we left for our travels, Being a nomadically based photographer has been everything I've dreamed of and more. It is truly so powerful to witness the Lord’s creation through our adventures, the outdoors, and His people. Whether I’m out on a hike witnessing incredible mountains and valleys or documenting someone’s love story, His presence is undeniably there. It has been such a fulfilling experience to worship Him through creativity both on the road and with my clients. 

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jesus, adventure, french fries

here to serve

My husband and i travel full-time in our toyota 4runner with our sweet golden

I believe that french fries with mayo are superior, especially from chick-fil-a

When i was 18 i summited mt. Kilimanjaro, the world's tallest freestanding mountain

The secret life of walter mitty is my favorite movie & my life's inspiration

My guilty pleasure snack is nerd gummy clusters 

Influenced by Travel

Traveling has always played a key role in my life. from experiencing new cultures to learning to embrace spontaneity to cultivating  my love for storytelling, Traveling has gifted me with so many incredible teaching moments, opportunities, and places of connection. i could go on and on about these gifts, but one that i am most thankful for is how it has inspired my love for documenting feelings, moments, and stories. specifically, it has changed the way i approach documenting my clients by looking for the small, often unnoticed details, helping create spaces for real emotions and simply letting moments unfold as they are just as i do while traveling. when i look back at my photos from my travels, i love reliving these captured memories and look back fondly on the stories told through those images. i hope that my clients can feel those same things when looking back at their own photos.

Ready for the next adventure

Where my soul feels most alive

Jayne and Casey held an intimate ceremony with their closest friends in San Diego, CA. The atmosphere of the whole morning was filled with a love and softness that was beautifully reflected in the ceremony site at Sunset cliffs. the ocean below, gently rolled through the morning as the seagulls flew through the cloudy skies. A soft breeze blew through the sweet morning air and all around was a quiet stillness as if the whole world was watching this beautiful covenant take place. Following the ceremony, everyone stuck around for some photos before heading....


The Stories

Sunset Cliffs Sunrise Ceremony